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Not connected to any country , is an international airsoft comm+unity ,organize great airsoft games around the world and support your airsoft teams , the management is in the team captains, team captains takes decisions,  ıt is also open to all airsoft teams from all over the world.  join free

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North Star Federation

System And Rules

* The North Star Federation is the Airsoft Community where people with different opinions and views around the world and countries come together to play only the Airsoft game.


* In the games to be organized and in common communication environments, speaking of Race, religion, politics, world agenda, country agenda, except Airsoft, is prohibited


* The North Star Federation Administration is team captains, acts according to the decisions taken by the Federation Captains.


* Apart from the North Star Federation, you can participate in other Airsoft loyalties, troops and Airsoft games in the world and in our country.


* Automatic ticket system with qr code If you want to organize Airsoft games forum link that 


Meaning of the North Star Federation Ensign


North Star (polaris) - Polar Star, or scientific name Polaris, is the brightest star in the constellation little dipper. Unlike other celestial bodies, the Arctic Star is almost in the same direction as the Earth's axis, so it does not move throughout the day and always points north.


Moon - Moon represents woman in astrology


Cygnus- cygnus constellation is located both in the summer triangle and the northern cross is the brightest star Deneb


Summer Triangle - A summer triangle is a combination of stars in Vega, Altair and Deneb which are found in the constellations Aquila, Cygnus, and Lyra, respectively. Since it forms a shape similar to a triangle and is seen in July and August months in summer, it is named as summer triangle.

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